Saturday’s Snapshot (surat al-sabat): لقطة السبت

Fall is in the air and the hillsides here in Denver, where I’m at a conference, are covered in splotches of red and gold.  There are leaves on the sidewalk; the air is clear and smells like woodsmoke.

In Abu Dhabi, we don’t so much get the whole foliage thing, alas, which of course means no hordes of leaf-peepers, either, but that doesn’t mean that the sidewalks aren’t littered with the signs of a changing season.  Instead of leaves, we have…


Rows of date palms line the streets and sidewalks; there are smushed dates on the sidewalk instead of old chewing gum.  Some of the date palms, particularly those along the highways, have green net sacks tied around the date bunches, to prevent dates falling down onto passing windshields.

And while I wouldn’t eat these windfall dates, I will say that one of my favorite snacks here is a handful of fresh dates, each with a sliver of almond or candied orange in the middle. Yum.

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2 Responses to Saturday’s Snapshot (surat al-sabat): لقطة السبت

  1. Matty October 14, 2012 at 7:36 pm #

    The ones filled with candied orange and slivers of almond are not fresh dates.

  2. Lady Jennie October 17, 2012 at 10:00 pm #

    I’ve tried that snack before and it’s super yum!
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