Selected Articles

Feminism in the NYU Abu Dhabi Classroom: The New York Times (in print, 25 January 2017, international ed.)

Expats and Migrants in the Nail Salons:

Censorship or “Teaching Moment”?: World Moms Network Blog (writing as Deborah Quinn)

Where is the “Developing World,” Anyway?: World Moms Network Blog (writing as Deborah Quinn)

Lessons from Overseas: The Daily Beast


from The National, where I have been a bi-weekly columnist since 2014:

How not to see a city: Dubai, New York, Abu Dhabi

Women in the Emirates…and the States

Where are we safe?

Midlife crisis: blueberries, kale, convertibles

Highlights and home

Abu Dhabi’s Tragedy of the Commons…and banana pudding

Nostalgia, Visitors, and Finding the “real” Abu Dhabi

Forget Esperanto, We All Speak Ikea Now



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