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he really REALLY loves that iphone…

Scene: the 14D bus, after school..

Caleb, whispering: Mommy, you don’t know this because you’re not a boy. But when you’re a boy, well, I have to tell you something about… [gestures towards his crotchal area]

Me: Your penis?

Caleb: SHHHH!  (Whispers again): yes. You know,  well, you know when your foot gets tired, how that feels?

Me: All tingly?

Caleb: Yes. Yes, well sometimes that happens…you know, down there. [gestures meaningfully towards crotchal area, again]

Me: Is that happening now?

Caleb (grinning): Yes. It’s kinda good but kinda weird.

Thing is, that tingly feeling “down there” only happened after I’d handed him my iPhone.

Draw your own conclusions.

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