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Same recipe, different soup

I’ve just suffered through two school projects (one for each child) that involved–god save me–glitter. Plus glue, posterboard, construction paper, some rudimentary elements of design, and a smattering of factoids gleaned from actual books (!) and that there new-fangled internet thing. For his project, Liam needed black construction paper, which precipitated crisis #1 (there were several): The pieces of black construction paper were not the same shade of black.  How …

purple glitter jesus

My gift to Husband this Christmas, purchased in a shop at the Mushrif Mall in Abu Dhabi: Yes. That’s right. It’s a purple glitter Jesus. But it gets better. This purple glitter Jesus is also… a bank. Really what more could a person want in a holiday gift? Unless, possibly, it’s the matching turquoise glitter Virgin Mary bank. But hey, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

What Do You Take?

When it came right down to it, I couldn’t throw away the craft supplies. Sparkly pipe cleaners, glitter, feathers, beads, gold paint, clay—all the stuff you need to turn delivery boxes into trains, forts, and castles, or to create Cleopatra headdresses and war chieftain headbands. I love crafts. Nothing makes me happier than visiting my mom in the ‘burbs of Indiana and spending a good hour or two wandering through …