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pre-teen hearing test

Scene: living room, homework time. Me: That’s too loud. Liam: oblivious Me: Turn that down please. Liam: oblivious Me: Turn that DOWN. Liam: But I’m wearing headphones  (tone: you unreasonable idiot) Me:  Then you did hear me. Turn that music DOWN. You’re going to hurt your ears. Liam: eyeroll and the sigh of long-suffering. Tinny drone diminishes infinitesmal notch. It’s official: my son has become a pre-teen and I’ve become …


Being on the road for a month has taken its toll on Liam. On all of us, really, but he’s been having what my mom calls “sinkers” on a pretty regular basis. If he were a girl, I’d say he’s getting his period, but he’s a ten year old boy, so I don’t think that’s the right explanation. He loved Paris when we were there…until he hated the weird pizza, …

Wordless Wednesday

So I know there aren’t supposed to be words, but without words, you won’t know what I’m holding: these are the diapers we used on Liam when he was first born. I’d forgotten that I’d saved a few of these and they surfaced when I was packing for the move.  Amazingly, these diapers swamped my tiny boy’s body.