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in which my pre-teen asks THE question

The question came unexpectedly, as these questions always do. He’s a pre-teen, so probably I should’ve known it was coming, but of course, I’d wanted to pretend this day would never come. He’s been curious, looking around a little, bit, and I knew he’d noticed, but I’d blinded myself about the depth of his curiosity.

Screen Time

When I got home this morning from the gym,  Husband and the boys were playing a game together.  Not quite in the sit-around-a-board-game-and-roll-the-dice sense of playing a game. More in the new-fangled twenty-first century sense of “playing together.” They’re all playing Lego Universe, an online multi-player game that Husband started playing “to keep Caleb company.” (By which he means: “this game is really cool and I’m fascinated by the structure …