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life according to my inbox

I sometimes forget to check the spam folder in my inbox and finally did so tonight.

You know what I learned? My life is a mess. I am, apparently, overweight, single, and broke. I’m in dire need of a credit line and unless I score on eHarmony, ain’t no Valentine’s Day gifts coming my way unless I order them for myself.  I’ve spared you the ads for penis implants, viagra, and hot Asian chicks (which I assume is not a reference to some kind of esoteric soup with claws in it).

I wonder to myself. Is this what the digital revolution was all about?  Billions of bytes about peckers and creditors, hoochies and hotties, fat and pharma?

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 7.31.10 PM


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where do I live?

I live in a country where women who have sex without marriage are considered prostitutes, while men who have sex without marriage are considered “just doing what men do” and in many some cases hold government office or are celebrities.

I live in a country where abortions incredibly difficult to get, even in the case of rape or incest, unless you are wealthy and able to travel great distances to find a doctor.

I live in a country where money governs absolutely and low-wage workers are barely recognized by the legal system.

I live in a country that spits on the illegal immigrants who do the dirty and dangerous jobs that natives don’t want to do because it’s, you know, dirty.

I live in a country where skin color determines the quality of service you receive in a store, at a restaurant, at a hotel.

I live in a country where men’s voices are heard more loudly than women’s voices.

I live in a country where God gets invoked as justification for laws and policies that serve the rich and powerful, not the poor and meek.

I live in a country where the voices of reason and progress struggle to be heard over the voices of extremism and zealotry.

Here’s my question for you: am I talking about the United States or the United Arab Emirates? Lately it’s been getting more and more difficult to see the difference.


I’m linking this rant–inspired by Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santorum, the Tea Party, and an assorted cast of American right-wing zealots–to yeah write #48.  There are lots of other posts at yeahwrite this week who AREN’T ranting, so you should click through and read what they’re saying this week. Then come back on Thursday and vote for your three favorites!

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