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Commencement Time, or what does a dinosaur have to do with the liberal arts?

It’s graduation time all over the US and in Abu Dhabi, NYUAD students are readying themselves for the same ritual.  And as students prepare to march across all manner of stages and listen to all manner of speeches, it seems appropriate to think about what we want our kids to study at school… that’s what I’m writing about in The National today.   photo credit:  

Malls as far as the eye can see…but what about a science museum?

Today in The National, I’m writing about the speed with which Abu Dhabi is growing: everywhere you look, there are construction sites, cranes, earthmovers.  But the construction seems dedicated to malls and apartment buildings…I’m wondering whether someone couldn’t design a children’s science museum?  When it’s 44C in the shade, wouldn’t it be great to take the kids “science-ing” instead of shopping?  Click here to read the article–and let the newspaper …


Caleb has boundless faith in my intellectual capacities. I am, in short, his google. (Momoogle?) And while I’m flattered that he thinks I have the answers to everything, you know what? If I ever knew the answers to even half these questions, by now, in my late middle age? I’ve forgotten pretty much everything. A recent walk: Where did the earth come from? I mean, not just the earth but …