A Sign of Civilization…

Thumbnail image for IMG_0219.JPGBryant Park. Frenchified oasis of a park (except that, unlike parks in Paris, here you can sit on the grass). Little green chairs that no one steals; a fountain; a carousel; the black-and-gold American Radiator Building (now the Bryant Park Hotel) gleaming through the trees.

And tonight, after a brilliant three hours of “Mary Stuart,” as I walked through the park from the from the clotted tourist hell of Times Square to the subway, I saw…books. On carts. Just right out there for people to read. The Reading Room en pleine air.

Tables and chairs reserved for readers – even smal
l readers:

IMG_0220.JPGCarts with magazines and newspapers – and “moderator” who is there apparently to recommend books and cover things up if it rains.


Free books and the smell of hyacinth in the evening air.

Maybe there’s hope.


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One Response to A Sign of Civilization…

  1. Susanbw April 28, 2009 at 9:19 pm #

    Of course there’s hope! It’s not only in the hyacinths but also in this week’s fragrant debut of lilac, lilies of the valley, viburnam, crabapple, dogwood, and other sweet-smellers. If the air is this enchanting there must be hope ahead. Right?

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