Palin puts targets on a website; someone shoots in Tucson

The Huffington Post ran an article about Sarah Palin’s PAC putting “targets” on Democrats who voted in favor of health care reform. Here’s the image from Sarah’s web page:

Please note the actual targets–gun sights, I think they’re called–over specific districts.

Here’s what happened today in Tucson: Representative Gabrielle Giffords, a Democrat, was shot at close range in the head, at a public event at a grocery store. Her district is one of those targeted on Palin’s website.Representative Giffords is in critical condition at a Tucson hospital.

A coincidence? I wish I could think so.

I can’t wait to hear La Belle Sarah’s rhetorical back flips about this attack – and does anyone want to take bets on whether the “target” image gets taken off her website?

The collision of horrors here overwhelms me: Gifford dead; idiots with unfettered access to guns; Palin’s violent rhetoric and her insistence that she “doesn’t mean it;” the inevitable finger-pointing that’s sure to follow; the inevitable stasis that follows the finger-pointing.

When is enough enough?