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Happy Mother’s Day

No, I haven’t gotten my calendars confused. In the UAE, today, March 21, is Mother’s Day.  Somehow, google knows that: It’s a pretty cute drawing, google-guys, I have to say.  But it’s not as good as this one: My first Arabic Mother’s Day card.  Graciously, Liam translated for me because he knows I can’t read Arabic. My habibi.    

the hard part about learning something new is that you don’t know how to do it

Caleb came home from his third day at his new school and said “look, mommy, I can write my name in Arabic!”  And he did: It occurs to me that he may have actually written “suck it,” and I will never know. But still…he did it in Arabic. Linguists talk about a “critical age” for language acquisition: to become truly fluent in a non-native language, you need to start at …