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Books! (Part II)

I read a lot. I read for my job, I read to my kids, I read at the gym, before bed, and sometimes (if the book is really good) I read while I’m cooking: stir the pot, read a page; add the spices, read a page. This habit may be while things often get served “cajun style” but hey. A story about the earth slowing in its rotation is vastly …

Tim Riggins, Buzz Bissinger, and Father’s Day

Buzz Bissinger wrote the book Friday Night Lights, which got made into a movie and then a television show that introduced us to Taylor Kitsch, in the role of Tim Riggins.  For that reason alone, we all owe Buzz a debt of gratitude and should buy his latest book, a memoir about a road trip he took with his brain-damaged son Zachary. Father’s Day is Bissinger’s first swing at a …

Reading Late Into the Night: Three Books, Three Genres

The semester ended a few weeks ago, which is when I dig into the books that have been on my “when summer comes” list.  Truth be told, reading right now is a productive procrastination strategy – let’s read instead of doing all that pesky writing you’re supposed to be doing, my brain says.  But I’m turning over a new leaf, if you’ll pardon the book-related pun:  Here in Abu Dhabi, …

Monday Listicle: Roads…Reads

Well, Stasha’s topic for the week is “roads,” but I’m going to swerve away from it (yes, that’s a road pun, right there in the first sentence).  I’ve written about driving a lot, it seems, maybe because I am doing a lot of driving, so I took “road” and went somewhere else.

The Ruins of Us – Book Review

My first book review appears today in The National, the Emirates English language newspaper. The Ruins of Us, by Keija Parssinen, is a great debut novel set in Saudi Arabia.  You should read it, download it, PDF it…however it is that you read these days. Click here for The National review.