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Dubai I

People think of Dubai as the bling emirate, famous for flashy buildings, flashy cars, and flashy malls.  We went to the Dubai Mall on Black Friday, it seeming like the nationally appropriate thing to do, but unlike the malls of the United States, none of these stores had “SALE” signs in the windows: full-price central, that’s where we were.  And also unlike malls in the States, in this one, at 5:30, the call to prayer resounds through the entire place, the imam’s chants an odd counterpart to the expensive window displays.

We weren’t in the market for Pucci or Gucci…although I may have had a small moment inside the Laduree shop, just me and some salted caramel macaroons.  But there were no witnesses and besides, those macaroons ain’t talking.

Mostly we were in the mall until it was time to go to up to the viewing platform of the Burj Khalifa (buying a timed ticket in advance means you avoid the long ticket line)–some of us in the family have a real thing for tall buildings.

So we wandered around—went to a great book shop and to the aquarium, and listened to the boys fume about how much things cost. They’d each been given 50 dirhams (about 15 bucks) to spend during their time in Abu Dhabi and the mall gave them a hard lesson in international economics: toys that at K-Mart cost ten dollars were thirty at the mall; the souvenirs at the top of the Burj were gold-plated replicas of the tower—for 600dhr. Liam was furious. “This is a stupid over-priced mall,” he announced loudly as we searched for the exit.

We needed to find a taxi stand, which we figured wouldn’t be hard to do…and in fact taxis were easy to find. Once we escaped from the mall.

One exit led only to the VIP Taxi stand.  Not for us.  We marched back through the mall (a ten-minute walk) only to find ourselves in the underground parking lot. Back into the mall. Up the escalator, across to the other side of the mall, down the escalator. No exit.  Back into the mall, across in the other direction, down the escalator, up the escalator, into a hotel lobby, intending to exit through the hotel. Nope. Back into the mall, down the escalator to an elevator, outside—and finally, taxis! But not so easy – taxis aren’t allowed to stop at this end of the mall. Walk down the sidewalk, around the corner, back through a different part of the parking garage, across the driveway, join the crowd on the curb waiting for a cab.

It took us a half-hour to escape the mall.  Husband and I sang the chorus to “Hotel California” during the entire twenty-minute cab ride to the Spice Souk:  “Welcome to the Hotel California…you can check in any time you want, but you can never leave…”

Who even knew the Eagles had been to Dubai?

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So there really IS a prize for everything

Yesterday was Black Friday in the States and, just coincidentally, we planned to spend the day at the Dubai Mall. Mall culture is huge here – and I guess that makes sense, given that for about half the year, it’s so hot that going outside is almost unbearable.

We didn’t plan to shop–the real attraction in Dubai was Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Some of us in the family really like going to the top of tall things. Others of us would be content sitting on the plaza below the tall things and gazing upwards, perhaps sipping a cool refreshing beverage…but hey, compromise is the name of the game in family travel, right?

So off we went.

The Dubai Mall includes an ice rink, a movie theater, and an aquarium that offers glass-bottom boat rides. It is thus possible to buy new underwear, skin cream, a zillion-dollar diamond necklace, and feed the giant grouper, all under one roof.

Kind of amazing.

Now, I’ve been told that the countries of the UAE are really into having the “most” of something–tallest building, fastest car, biggest mall, whatever. And you might think that the Dubai Mall might want to rest on its laurels, what with having a 10 million gallon fish tank inside a mall that itself rests in the base of the tallest building in the world.

But hah! Being BEST means always finding new ways to win, obviously.

So alongside the clear wall that allows shoppers to see the fish swimming around is a plaque announcing that the Dubai Mall Aquarium has won the Guinness Book of World Records for the biggest single panel of acrylic.

I know, I know. You’re realizing you totally forgot about that competition, because if you’d only known, well, that particular plaque would be hanging in your living room, dammit.

But take heart. I think that soon they will be announcing the competition for the biggest double piece of acrylic. You should totally enter.

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