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Commencement Time, or what does a dinosaur have to do with the liberal arts?

It’s graduation time all over the US and in Abu Dhabi, NYUAD students are readying themselves for the same ritual.  And as students prepare to march across all manner of stages and listen to all manner of speeches, it seems appropriate to think about what we want our kids to study at school… that’s what I’m writing about in The National today.   photo credit:  

The First Dance

Yesterday was Liam’s first school dance.  The mothers of daughters went shopping for little frocks and spangly sandals.  The mothers of sons lobbied for collared shirts and non-baggy shorts. My son opted for the prepster equivalent of the full monty: blue blazer, white shirt, khakis. It was suggested to him that he might perhaps be a tad over-dressed, but he insisted, and went off to the dance looking like the …