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50 is now a lot closer than it was yesterday

So today I’m 47. Yesterday I was a spritely 46. Today I’m only three years away from 50, my back aches and I slept funny on my neck so now it hurts to turn my head.

What will I do today to celebrate, other than put a heating pad on my neck? Gosh, let’s see the list of fun things lined up for me:

we started the morning with a round of breakfast-and-lunchbox making; followed by walking the 5th grader to school and listening to the relentless monologue about Maple Story, a computer game from hell played only by mildly compulsive pre-adolescent boys (I realize this may be a redundant phrase and that all pre-adolescent boys may be mildly compulsive, true).

The mid-morning will be full of dishes and laundry, with occasional swipes at bathtub scurf.

Cleaning will be interrupted by a yoga class where hopefully my creaking 47 year old bones won’t collapse in a heap. Yesterday was yoga teacher Lululemonista’s birthday. She has a streak of green in her hair, blue toenails, and matching aztec skulls tattooed on the back of each thigh. I think probably her birthday was a lot more interesting than mine. Continue Reading →

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Liam wanted to talk about something that had been bothering him.  He’s increasingly unwilling to do that these days, so I was delighted to sit with him in the bedroom and listen to the story of a fight he had with his dear friend, who we’ll call Luther.  He and Luther had words about some soccer rule, Luther got really angry, started to cry (hugely embarrassing for a ten year old boy, of course), and for the rest of the day was furious with Liam. Wouldn’t sit next to him in class, the whole deal.

“I tried to think about it from his shoes, mommy, but I just don’t know what I did that made him so mad.” Liam climbed onto my lap, which was delightful not only for the sheer snuggle factor but also because –parenting points!—he’d actually tried to imagine his behavior from the perspective of someone else.

True, he failed, but hey. At least he tried.

So we’re in the middle of this snuggly moment and Caleb waltzes in, drops a letter on the floor next to me and makes a clarion announcement:  “I almost have lice!”

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