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Define “best and brightest”

I wrote this post back in the halycon days of Obama’s first presidency and well before “lean in” became a meme and not an athletic command.  I like to think that even with newborn Caleb strapped to my chest, I did a pretty good job at my job, but then I again, I was half-asleep most of the time, so I might not be the best judge. Outlaw Mama runs …

screen shot heard round the world

My computer’s live stream, at 8:15AM Abu Dhabi time. There may have been some screaming in my apartment. Also? Some joy. And then I texted Liam, who went off on the school bus this morning, clutching his phone, which was streaming the live feed of election results (I’m green, he’s white): So there you have it folks. WOOOOOT Obama won. And then many, many exclamation marks.

for the people, by the people

Here it is: Voting Day. It’s up to you, now, people. You can choose gay rights, reproductive rights, earth’s rights, educational equality, pay equality, healthcare reform, civil rights. You can choose to let the women out of the binders; you can choose the 99%. Or you can Romney the country to the roof of the family 4×4 and hope for the best. It’s your call.

Labor Day & A Metaphor

It’s Labor Day weekend in the States: the last hurrah of summer, the beginning of fall, and–given that it’s an election year–the beginning of revved-up campaigning from both the right and the left. The Repubs just finished their hot-air balloon of a convention (with apologies to hot-air balloons everywhere), leaving the world with a legacy of Lyin’ Ryan, The Empty Chair, and Ann Romney loving that her son spoke “great” …

in which we discuss unicorns, world religions, and whether barack IS in fact a muslim

About two weeks ago, we got notification from the boys’ school that today, 17 June, would be a national holiday and the school would be closed. National holidays on short notice. One of the perks of life in the U.A.E. I’ll give you a minute to think about how parents in a large metropolitan area in the States, say New York, might react to a holiday delivered so casually. The …