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Listicles: NOISES OFF

Stasha asked for sounds that annoy us this week…and I have to confess: I’m kind of a noise nazi. I think my aversion to loud noises has gotten worse as my children grow in decibelage; it’s at the point now that if they’re not home, I don’t even turn on music. I bask in the quiet.

1. The tinny sounds of computer games leaking out of my kids’ headphones when we’re on long car trips.

2. The sounds of computer games, period. Battle scenes, angry birds, bloops and blips and explosions…hate ’em all.

3. Did not. Did too. Did not. Did too. Did not. Did too. OW! MOM!

4. “Thank you for your patience. Our menu options have changed, so please listen carefully….Thank you for your patience, please continue to hold, our customer service representative will be with you shortly…thankyouforyourpatiencepleasecontinuetohold.”

5. People having phone conversations on the bus, plane, train, or other public place (other than the sidewalks of New York, which as we all know, are the most private places on earth).  None of us who don’t know you care about: your boyfriend/girlfriend/dog/mother/ dinner options/work problems. Please shut up, hang up, or both.

6. Um…like, bad speech habits, you know? Like, the way some people talk? I know, right? I mean, you know?

7. Marco. Polo! Marco. Polo! Marco. Polo!

8. Everything that happens at the dentist’s office, beginning with the receptionist saying “it’s been how long since your last checkup?”

9.  Sarah Palin’s voice. Ditto Michele Bachman’s.

10.  Car horns, especially in traffic where there is no chance of anyone moving an inch.

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photoshop phail: a pixel too far


There are lots of sites that display photoshop screwups: an arm that suddenly disappears, a hand with too many fingers, a waist digitally whittled (digiwhittle?) into nothingness. Photoshop can even, as Jezebel documents, re-image history by removing people from pictures.

I don’t know about you but I like to think that there are some celebrities who resist the allure of photoshop “perfection,” even if it means looking like, you know, an actual person instead of a Barbie doll.  And then I saw this picture:

 Who is this, you say? Is it maybe…Kristin Stewart? Or…some charming morning talk-show hostess? Nope. It’s Tina Fey. Or rather, it’s “Tina Fey,” the digitally created version of the acerbic and brilliant actress/writer whose career is predicated on presenting herself in all her flawed and human glory.

Don’t get me wrong. I love what she’s saying but it would be nice if she could say it without being airbrushed into Barbie-land.  Because the words in this picture say one thing but the picture itself says something entirely different.

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