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Happy … Holiday?

As someone who has now lived outside the United States for almost eight years, I’ve (almost) gotten used to living with a different holiday calendar. The UAE just celebrated the Prophet’s Birthday, for instance, but Veteran’s Day, Columbus Day, and President’s Day? Pretty much non-starters here. The UAE has the additional wrinkle of operating its holidays on a lunar calendar (with the exception of National Day), and that means that holidays drift along the year: the Prophet’s Birthday won’t be on the 18th of November next year, for example.

The US is gearing up for Thanksgiving tomorrow and while the stores here have tried to stock up on “American” delicacies, it’s never easy — which grocery store has pumpkin pie filling, where can you find a turkey, what about cranberries? Regardless of the meal, however, it’s still just Thursday, here. No big deal.

Abu Dhabi has, however, adopted one of the US holidays as its own, however: Black Friday.

What’s that you say? You didn’t know that Black Friday was an official holiday? You thought it was just that day after Thanksgiving when people go Christmas shopping rather than sloth around and continue to digest?

Nope. It’s an official holiday. Google tells me so: Capitalism wins again.


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Saturday’s Snapshot (surat al-sabat): لقطة السبت

It’s hard to avoid “service” in Abu Dhabi. Labor is (disturbingly) cheap and it seems sometimes that there is always someone offering to wash your car, clean your apartment, carry your bags.

But the other day in Lulu (a big grocery store chain here), I saw “service” taken to a new level: a worker unloading a shopper’s grocery cart at the check-out line. She was on the phone, he was plopping things onto the conveyer belt; they both seemed oblivious to one another.

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Hot…It’s All in How You Look At It

The other night after dinner, Caleb waved me into the kitchen. “I have to talk to you in private,” he whispered.

We went into the kitchen and he pulled me down to whisper. “Today at school, E. told me I was hot,” he said, cheeks pink. “She said she liked me like this,” and he waggled his hand back and forth.

“Wow.” That was all I could say. I mean, crushes and all are fine, but in first grade? “Wow. Well, what does that mean?”

That ineffable Calebian shrug. “I don’t know,” he said, and ran back to his dish of ice cream.

So there you go. My son is object of some girl’s affection. Already.

Since this conversation, “hot” has become something of a joke in the house, including Liam’s mockery of my new sneakers, purchased in hopes of getting shredded by Jillian Michaels. Who I hate, by the way, and who I am still convinced is the Svedka fem-bot.

These are my sneakers: are they that bad?

I mean, okay, they’re black and pink, but is that so terrible? Liam says not only are they not hot, they are so awful that I am an embarassment to him when I wear them. To which I said, kid, you’re only ten, and I’m your mother. We’ve got at least another full decade of me embarrassing you.

He seemed unimpressed by my logic and continues to flinch whenever I put on my spiffy sneakers.

Today I took the boys to see the Hopper exhibit at the Whitney. We walked down Madison towards the museum, past all the fancy shops on the Upper East Side.  In one window, we saw these:

“Now these, Liam, are embarrassing,”  I said. “What if I picked you up at school in these?”

Liam giggled. Caleb tapped me on the arm.  “Mommy,” he said. “If you picked me up in these, you’d be one hot mommy!”

Coming from the hottie of first grade, I should consider myself flattered.

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50 is now a lot closer than it was yesterday

So today I’m 47. Yesterday I was a spritely 46. Today I’m only three years away from 50, my back aches and I slept funny on my neck so now it hurts to turn my head.

What will I do today to celebrate, other than put a heating pad on my neck? Gosh, let’s see the list of fun things lined up for me:

we started the morning with a round of breakfast-and-lunchbox making; followed by walking the 5th grader to school and listening to the relentless monologue about Maple Story, a computer game from hell played only by mildly compulsive pre-adolescent boys (I realize this may be a redundant phrase and that all pre-adolescent boys may be mildly compulsive, true).

The mid-morning will be full of dishes and laundry, with occasional swipes at bathtub scurf.

Cleaning will be interrupted by a yoga class where hopefully my creaking 47 year old bones won’t collapse in a heap. Yesterday was yoga teacher Lululemonista’s birthday. She has a streak of green in her hair, blue toenails, and matching aztec skulls tattooed on the back of each thigh. I think probably her birthday was a lot more interesting than mine. Continue Reading →

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