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from my window

When we moved to Abu Dhabi, we moved into a furnished apartment. The furniture is mostly fine (once we got rid of the white leather sectional sofa, the ridiculously small bed, and some truly hideous cabinets) but sometimes, nevertheless, I feel a little bit like I live in one of those executive suite hotels.

I will say, however, that a hotel room on the 37th floor overlooking the Arabian Gulf can give a girl a rocking view of the sunset.  And while a good sunset doesn’t eradicate the crisis in the Eastern Congo, or make the bombs stop falling in Gaza, or do anything, in fact, of a practical nature, it does offer a brief, transitory moment of peace.

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winter sunset

It has been actually chilly here the past few days, and overcast. It’s almost as if we’re having weather.  Of course, by “chilly” I mean it’s been about 60F in the evenings–so it’s cool but doesn’t quite warrant the earmuffs I saw a man wearing yesterday.

The clouds during the day often start to drift away by late afternoon and create great end-of-day lightshows over the city:

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