Deborah Quinn has lived in New York for more than 20 years–long enough to consider herself a New Yorker and not just a transplanted Midwesterner.  She writes about life with three boys (2 sons, 7ish and 11ish, and 1 husband, 49ish), public school education (she ran the PTA at her son’s public elementary school for two years), books & TV  (she’s an English professor by day & avid consumer of junky TV at night), food & nutrition (due to some karmic joke, her sons are pretty much on a white-food-only diet), politics (she’s a lefty to her core and, yes, a feminist), and pretty much anything else that catches her eye.

In August 2011, MannahattaMamma and her family (plus their legos, computers, dvds, books, soccer balls, and Very Important Sticks) moved to Abu Dhabi, in the UAE.  Now this ironic, ambivalent New Yorker who started life as a Midwestern feminist wrestles with life on another continent, in another culture; she is frequently startled to realize that in many ways, her move to “Arabia” has turned her into a soccer mom.

Her writing has appeared in The Daily Beast and been featured on BlogHer and on Studio30; she writes regularly for The National, the UAE English-language newspaper.

You can: follow her on twitter @mannahattamamma, or on facebook, or email her at deborahlquinn@hotmail.com

Or you could just read the blog.

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